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Cyber-Complex Foundation, in accordance with its statutory objectives, carries out research and experimental projects:

About Us

Cyber-Complex Foundation consists of a team of enthusiasts and people who are aware of the problems related to information technology, cyber security, computer networks and scientific problems in these areas.

Łukasz Świerczewski

Chairman of the Board

Passionate and specialist in distributed and high-performance systems. Very interested in and supporting open-source ideas and projects. For many years in this area.

Tomasz Białek

Member of the Board

Design, new technologies and looking at the sky through a telescope are one of his many passions. He specializes in optimizing structures using cybernetics and qualitative theory of information.

Paweł Stobiecki

Member of the Board

Enthusiast of computer network security. Specialist mainly in the field of penetration tests.

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Statute of the Foundation

Statute of the Foundation were adopted on June 17, 2020 and amended on October 16, 2020.

Registry information

Cyber-Complex Foundation was registered in the National Court Registry (KRS) on October 23, 2020 under the following number: 0000866262. Cyber-Complex Foundation is a not for profit organization. All incomes are used to carry out out statutory activity.



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Fundacja Cyber-Complex
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